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1. What should I expect?
If you have chosen one of our Cycleops Phantom spin bikes you will arrive to a specified spin bike. The spin bike will be set up to your predetermined specifications and will have a towel waiting for you.
If you have chosen to use one of our Fluid2 Trainers you will arrive to a trainer, riser block and towel. Trainer skewers are available if needed.


2. How do I sign up?
Simply refer to register tab on the website and choose the package that most suits your needs.

3. How early should I arrive?
You should try to arrive 15 min before the start of the class. That way you can have time to get
yourself ready so classes can begin on time


4. What should I bring?
You should bring cycling shorts and light weight top, cycling specific or running shoes, a water bottle, and a towel if you wish to shower.  

5. Are there change rooms and showers.
The Loft has 2 bathrooms with showers and 2 change rooms.

6. Do I have to be a pro cyclist to spin?
Our instructors do there best to make the classes enjoyable to all ability levels.
Remember you can’t get dropped in a spin class.


7. Do I need cycling shoes and clip in pedals?
We have a variety of brands of clip in pedals. Check in advance to make sure we have the make
compatible with your shoes. We also have the option of platform pedals to be used with running shoes.


8. Are the seats on the spin bikes comfortable?
We have a variety of saddles available for you to choose from. You are welcome to come in
advance to try out the different saddles available to see which one fits you best.

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